29th May 2018

Cederberg Observatory

A mere 15 minute drive from Cederberg Park, you will find the charming and petite Cederberg Observatory – a non-profit tourist attraction run by seven local stakeholders. The Cederberg is considered the ideal destination for star-gazing. Open to the public on Saturdays only Weather and moon phases permitting Duration: 2 hours, starting at 20:00. Cost: Please make a donation
12th Apr 2018

Trail Running

We offer a variety of trail runs ranging in length and difficulty
12th Apr 2018

Bird Watching

The Cederberg Koue Bokkeveld area is renowned for its fynbos, which in turn provides a diverse number of habitats for various bird species. A total of 235 bird species have been recorded in this important bird area, so do not forget to bring your binoculars.
12th Apr 2018

Mountain Biking

Bring your bike, because you are in for a treat! Mountain bike enthusiasts can choose from 5 mountain bike trails, varying in difficulty. Permits are available for purchase at reception. Tower Route Witkleigat via Gonnafontein Stadsaal via Kromrivier Truitjieskraal via Kromrivier Kromrivier Circular Route
12th Apr 2018


When the sun starts to warm up the rock faces, it is time to cool down your own face – and Kromrivier certainly has no shortage of excellent swimming spots! Cool down in the river or dam Hike to the waterfall (see Disa Pool Hike)
12th Apr 2018

Rock Climbing

When you are surrounded by mountains, there’s only one thing your heart desires: To climb. At Kromrivier you will find a sport climbing site, Bobbejaankop. Fitted with climbing anchors, it is the ideal training ground for beginners. Bouldering is an increasingly popular style of rock climbing, and the Cederberg has become one of the top bouldering destinations in the world. Rocklands is ideal for bouldering New spots in our mountains are being explored
12th Apr 2018


The Cederberg mountain range is one of the top hiking destinations in the country, if not the world, and Cederberg Park is where it your journey begins. Over the years we have become the preferred base for hikers and mountaineers. Permits are obtainable from reception, and the farm provides easy access to an extensive range of hiking trails. Disa Pool Hike Kromrivier Cave Hike Maltese Cross Hike (via Suikerberg) Hike to Stadsaal Caves and Bushmen Paintings Truitjieskraal Hike (via Kromrivier) Other hikes in central Cederberg
12th Apr 2018


Bring your own equipment and bait, and try your hand at catching some of the many endemic and invasive fish species swimming around in our two dams and the Kromrivier. For more information on the eradication of alien fish species, visit our Conservation secion. Interesting fact: 8 species of endemic fish such as the Clanwilliam Yellowfish and Clanwilliam Redfin are to be found in the Cederberg’s rivers, some of which can be seen in the fish tanks at the reception.
12th Apr 2018

Farmyard Experience

Immerse yourself in daily farm life! Come along as we go feed the pigs, milk the cows (twice daily), and bottle-feed the lambs (three times per day during lambing season). Get your hands dirty! Child-friendly farmyard Visit the restored water mill Flour milling coming soon!